The art of an engineering mind

Polish artist Szymon (Simon) Klimek has found a unique way to combine art, model engineering and jewelry design. His handmade brass miniatures include a fully functional solar powered engine, early 20th century cars, steam locomotives but also fantasy coaches and wrapped gift boxes adorned with little metal flowers and sparkling crystals.

Szymon Klimek miniature brass modelsSzymon Klimek's miniature brass models

Born in 1954, in Poznań, Poland, to an artistic family, Szymon inherited good craft skills and studied engineering (he achieved a Master of Sciences degree) but it wasn’t until 2004 that he decided to make a small model of a locomotive with a coal wagon out of thin sheet metal. From that moment on he built more than 100 miniature models, delicate art pieces which are kept in glass goblets.

Klimek was honored by the Joe Martin Foundation with Special Achievement Award in September, 2009, an institution that now owns an exquisite miniature replica of the 19th century Adler Locomotive exhibited at the Craftsmanship Museum in Vista, CA. More of Szymon Klimek’s artistic miniatures can be seen at his online gallery.

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