Ashley Watson Recycled Leather Bags

Ashley Watson Recycled Leather Bags

Ashley Watson is a Vancouver based designer that handcrafts leather bags and accessories using only recycled material. She searches through thrift stores for soft and supple leather, especially old leather jackets which will be transformed by her skilful hands into chic accessories. Every design is one of a kind, sophisticated and innovative, as Ashley is adding into each bag or wallet original details such as pockets, buttons and seams.

Ashley Watson at BeklinaAshley Watson at Beklina

Ashley Watson Recycled Leather bags and wallets are sold online at Beklina and in stores across North America. Soon it will be available in select stores across Europe. You can see more bag designs on Ashley Watson's website along with wallets and other leather accessories. The last two bags, Murre and Plover are from the next spring collection.

Ashley Watson Recycled Leather BagsAshley Watson Recycled Leather Bags

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