Christmas color theme: Gold and Silver

Throwing a Christmas party? Well, you know that decorating your house is one big step for a fun time, even if it's just a casual evening with friends. Forget about those traditional ornaments that look awfully jarring. Think about choosing a color theme for Christmas that will make all of your decisions a lot easier to take. Starting from the tree and ending with your chic outfit. Color themes for Christmas are a major trend in home décor. Upcoming holydays decorating ideas: red, blue, green and stylish black&white color themes.

Gold&Silver ChristmasGold&Silver Christmas

1. Silver Stardust Tinsel Tree, $199.00 to $299.00, from Treetopia.

2. Deux Lux Cinched Metallic Wallet (gold), $36.00, from South Moon Under.

3. Sequined Glitter Candle, $14.00 from Nordstrom.

4. White Apple Berry Wreath, $12.49, from Target.

5. Boutique 9 Unika Leather Shoes, $ 148.95, from Zappos.

6. A.V. Max Matte Quilted Cuff (silver plated), $28.00, South Moon Under.

7. Razak Tapestry Dress Cream-Gold, $245.00, Madaboochoo.

8. Angel Dance Earrings, $55.00, Couture Candy.

9. Studio Sterling Silver Textured Ring, £23.00, Accessories Studio.

10. Miss Mak Woven Clutch (silver), $48.00, South Moon Under.

11. Beaded Wreath - Silver, $20.99, Amazon.

12. Jeffrey Campbell Peeptoe Bow Heels, $138.00, South Moon Under.

13. Metallic Bow Dress, £75.00, Miss Selfridge.

14. Kimberly Faith Gold Cuff, $53.00, Couture Candy.

15. Metallic Crossed Strap Sandal, £12.00,

16. Birch and Cotton Snowman Family, $12.49, Target.

17. Razak Tuck Front Circle Dress Gold, $130.00, Madaboochoo.

18. Thomas Paul yellow silk 'Aviary' 18'' square pillow, $54.00, Bluefly.

19. Tano Oragami Metallic Clutch, (pewter), $112.00, South Moon Under.

20. Renaissance Holiday Wreath, $89.99, Target.

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