Optimistic brushes of color

Sad experiences can be very inspiring in art but Estera prefers feeding her creativity with happiness, meeting nice people, enjoying beautiful mornings with good cups of coffee. It seems familiar, so far, I might say. Estera is a young Romanian painter who uses acrylics, watercolors, colored pens, sometimes make-up, to create splendid, cheerful paintings.

Estera, Perfect MorningEstera, Perfect Morning

Her characters are often happy couples, young families or girls and boys surrounded by lovable cats. Before painting, Estera did 3D animation, web design (along with her husband) and studied film image. She enjoys travelling (another massive source of inspiration) especially in India and Portugal first for its spirituality the latter for its happy, warm people.

Estera, MayaEstera, Maya

Most important, she believes, is the feeling that one experiences when in front of a painting. It is a great reward if the viewer is thrilled by the story within and remembers, maybe, episodes from hers/his own life (I sure did remember). 

When she isn’t painting she plays with her two children and dreams at a New York exhibition. Besides her beautiful artworks, we like Estera for her inspiring life philosophy and the belief that everything is possible if you try hard enough.

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