Spring 2008 highlights in Vogue Deutsch

Vogue Deutsch

Here are the main trends of spring 2008 season highlighted by Vogue Deutsch, in this month's issue.

1. Chromatic: this spring we will be seeing neon shades again, beautiful red and blue hues but also calm pastels. It is time for delicate nude shades used as neutrals, along with monochromatic white&black duo and their grey "child". Check out those white shoes -this is not bridal material anymore- and the white framed 50s sunglasses.

Spring 2008 Trend Neonmix - Spring 2008 Trend Pastels
Neonmix - Pastels

Spring 2008 Trend Red - Spring 2008 Trend Royal Blue
Red - Blue

Spring 2008 Trend Nude Shades - Spring 2008 Trend Beige&Pink
Nude Shades - Beige&Pink

Trend Spring 2008 White - Trend Spring 2008 More White
White - More White

Trend Spring 2008 White Frames - Trend Spring 2008 White Shoes
White Frames - White Shoes

Spring 2008 Trend Grey - Spring 2008 Trend Black
Grey - Black

2. Prints: busy, boldly colored floral and geometric prints will be must haves for summer 2008. Complicated tribal patterns sit along artistic abstract touches. Stand out of the crowd with gigantic black&white graphic prints.

Trend Spring 2008 Florals - Spring 2008 Trend Blossoms
Florals - Blossoms

Spring 2008 Trend Prints - Spring 2008 Trend Patterns
Graphic Prints - Arty Touches &Tribal Patterns

3. Texture. Nothing is simple anymore: feathers, sequins, rhinestones appliqué, gold and silver metallics, sheer layers, frills, ruffles and colorful tulle. It's pure madness!

Spring 2008 Trend Feathers - Spring 2008 Trend Sheer
Feathers - Sheer Layers

Spring 2008 Trend Glitzy - Spring 2008 Trend Metallics
Glitzy - Metallics

Spring 2008 Trend Frills - Spring 2008 Trend Tulle
Frills - Tulle

4. Decades. Spring 2008 will witness the returning of romantic&feminine 50s with their full skirted silhouettes and that of the liberated 70s with long, airy, hippie dresses.

Spring 2008 Trend 50s - Spring 2008 Trend Hippie Dresses
50s - 70s

5. Urban Safari: practical clothes and camouflage colors help you survive in the city jungle. As for shoes&bags: muted shades of brown, sand and stone, exotic leather, wood and raffia.

Spring 2008 Trend Urban - Spring 2008 Trend Safari
Urban - Safari

Spring 2008 Urban Safari Bags - Spring 2008 Urban Safari Shoes
Urban Safari Bags - Urban Safari Shoes

6. Man-chic: the androgynous look isn't going anywhere. The key-piece is the pant suit: loose blazers, fitted blazers, wide-leg trousers, skinny pants, straight pants and...the novelty: the three quarter length for a pantsuit.

Spring 2008 Trend Man-chic - Spring 2008 Trend Pant Suits
Man-chic - Pant Suits

7. Shoes&Bags: the eye-catcher feature of your outfit will be a big colored handbag or an unusual pair of shoes. Bet on intricate summer boots or on a pair of gladiator sandals with lots of leather straps.

spring 2008 trend eye-catching bags - spring 2008 eye-catching shoes
eye-catching bags - eye-catching shoes

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