Parka and quilted jackets

This winter season the parkas are more “posh” than ever. It’s sort of the usual urban warrior styling of hooded jackets but now they are often fur trimmed.
Chocolate Belted Polosnap JacketChocolate Belted Polosnap Jacket
From the runway to the high street and department stores it’s all about luxury quilted parkas and feather weight down jackets.

The quilted down jackets are already hot sellers as they combine practical functional elements with urban chic. I’ve already bought a black one though I was searching for a chocolate hue like on these jackets shown here. I like the subtle fur trimming of the hood and the high collar.
Chocolate Long Padded ParkaChocolate Long Padded Parka
As I’m rather short the high collar is a good heighten help.

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