Jacob Albee's precious meteorites

Jeweler Jacob Albee's Heaven and Earth jewelry collection was presented during the 2008 CraftBoston fair/exhibition  holiday edition (November 14-16, 2008). Each piece from the Heaven and Earth collection is presented as a unique, hand-made design mixing yellow gold and diamonds (and other gemstones) with meteorite iron. As the artists himself says, these are jewels that the wearers will not want to put down.

Yin Yang Pendant: Yin Yang Pendant

Jacob Albee (born 1976, Strafford, Vermont) has a double-degree in both art and (wildlife) biology at the University of Vermont (1999). In fact he was to become a professional raptor biologist. After graduation he was hired by award-winning jewelry designer Timothy Grannis where he worked for seven years. Nowadays he pursues his own career as a goldsmith, while doing wildlife research also. His travels around the world (Kenya and Ethiopia, mostly) are also used as opportunities for procuring gemstones and refine design ideas.

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