Disturbing reality seen by Fred Einaudi

Fred Einaudi, The Mermaid

A happy woman carrying a devilish pan full of skulls, a little boy fishing a woman's corps out of the water, a girl analyzing a dead human fetus and many other troubling scenes are the subject of Fred Einaudi's dark paintings.

Fred Einaudi, The MermaidFred Einaudi, The Mermaid

This talented painter, born in 1971 and living in San Francisco, has an evident predilection for whatever suggests dying, extinction, unnatural associations, and nightmarish anachronisms. And somehow, the magic realistic style of his paintings doesn't alienate viewers, but make them gloat over and over again.

Fred Einaudi, Patriot
Fred Einaudi, Button Maker
Fred Einaudi, Homunculus
Fred Einaudi, Hunger
Fred Einaudi, The Chocolate Donut
Fred Einaudi, Tulips

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