Benjamin Anderson's artistic "soup"

Benjamin Anderson's biggest passions are portraits. That's because this type of art work provokes him to find a representation that reflects the many different characteristics of an individual.

Benjamin Anderson self-portraitBenjamin Anderson, self-portrait

Besides portraits, Anderson is also known for monumental oil paintings from the two series: "Just add water" and "Bikini", modern, realistic, breath-taking artworks with an ironic touch at the base.

Benjamin Anderson, LiquidationBenjamin Anderson, Liquidation

Anderson's work (oil paintings on linen, canvas or wood) was first presented in the De Young Museum of Fine Arts "Emerging Artists Exhibition" of 2001.

He has been recognized, for his portraiture, by the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery, and shown work in a variety of venues from San Francisco, New York, California and Europe.

Today he is the co-owner and co-curator of Anderson ART Collective.

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